Martine Valentine

Martine Valentine, the founder of Walk and Talk Counselling, is a skilled practitioner who is inspired to make a difference through listening and guiding people in a one to one setting. She brings a deep sense of respect and caring to the client in their journey of life.

Martine's natural inclination and curiosity has been refined by her education and professional development at the highly respected Jansen Newman Institute in Sydney, Australia. She values the multi-modal approach, giving her a wide range of therapeutic tools with which to meet her clients unique needs. Martine believes that the source of healing and growth is within each individual and her role is to facilitate and accompany the person in accessing their inner world.

PRH Education International has contributed greatly to Martine's personal happiness and sense of expansion. The PRH process like Martine's innovate 'walk and talk' sessions gets her clients out of their head and into their bodies. The process of PRH uses specific and scientifically tested techniques to access emotions without words. PRH has shown her how much healing and growth is possible in subtle but powerful exercises.

Martine has recently been fully accredited as a PRH Associate. Her first PRH workshop is "Growing in Self Confidence". Please contact Martine for more information and about her upcoming course dates.

BA Communications
Graduate Diploma Education
Graduate Diploma Counselling & Psychotherapy

PRH Associate for PRH Australia Statement of Attainment (PDF 79 Kb)

Walk and Talk Cards

Walk and Talk cards

Exercising with another, and spending time in nature, have both been shown to counteract depression & improve mental functioning. While not a replacement for the expertise of a trained health professional or counsellor, the questions on the cards will create a way for anyone to discover a deeper experience of listening and being heard.

Walk and Talk Cards



How to use the Walk and Talk Cards.

To Begin…

Start with the green coloured cards, then move to the amber, then the red. Just like the traffic lights! There is no set order within the colours except to begin with the green 'start' card.  Not all of the questions need to be asked, follow your intuition and even allow some silence for processing if that feels right. The purple 'rescue' cards may be used at any time to build resilience, if necessary.

When listening to the other person, listen with the following attitude:

Cultivate a sense of warm regard
Be empathic

It is important to note that BEST RESULTS are achieved by respecting the process provided by the open-ended questions on the Walk and Talk Cards. Resist the temptation to offer your own ideas or advice, you may be pleasantly surprised by the results!

A permanent pen may be used to write on the blank cards for follow-up actions.


Contact Martine Valentine
Principal | Walk & Talk Counselling
Manly | Sydney | Australia
0421 063 456